Whatsapp and SMS API Gateway Service for Business

Wablas is Whatsapp and SMS API gateway service for sending and receiving messages, notification, scheduler, reminder, and tracking with simple integration for your business



Get incoming messages like text, image, document, video, audio, location, live location and group by configuring webhook endpoints.

Webhook Tracking Message

Real time Information for all message status pending, sent, read, cancel, reject, and more.

API Endpoints

Our API was designed to be extremely easy to use and accessible to everyone, no matter the programing language or frameworks you use

Web Dashboard

Browser messages, send new messages, see package, review logs or monitor webhooks.

Message scheduling

Do you need to deliver messages at a specific time? No problem. Our system would allow to plan specific messages on a specific date.

Office Hours

This message will be sent when a message arrives outside office hours like WhatsApp business.

Reminder Message

Wablas will send a message to your number according to your wishes about anything you don't want to forget. Free unlimited reminder.

Autoreply & Chatbot

Allows you to send automatic replies when people write to your numbers. It attends your customers at Whatsapp 24/7

Integration with SMS Gateway

If your customer not have WhatsApp number, now you can send message via SMS.


We make report for all message received and send.

Downtime Notification

We will send WhatsApp message to customer if your WhatsApp service not connected to the internet or your phone dies

Auto Connected

Your cell phone doesn't need to turn on every time, you can turn it off for a while. so that it can extend the life of your cell phone.

Typing indicator

Sometimes when I set a presence to typing, the receiving end will see that typing indicator

Integration with dikontak.com

dikontak.com is application for guestbook online and attendance online.

Whatsapp Masking

Set up your WhatsApp business account and WhatsApp Business API client to begin sending messages.

How It Works

1.Pair your device

After registration, you can pair the device from Device Menu on the dashbord. Our system would transparently verify it in a matter of minutes and set everything up in order to start delivering messages.

if the qr scan is successful, then you will get whatsapp notification "Device ID XXX connected"

2.Send your first message

You can send messages from the Web Dashboard or by using the API. You can send a text, image or photo and document. If you can't send a message please contact us.

3.Add a Webhook endpoint

Optionally, Wablas can notify your servers in order to receive event updates about outgoing messages or device status.

Simply define an endpoint URL and our systems will start pushing event updates.

See more information about Webhooks in the API documentation.

Contact Us

Contact Us:

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Office Hours : 06.00 AM - 06.00 PM (UTC+7)

Email : support@wablas.com


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